Alertiee team wins 2020 Catalyst Team Award at Digital Transformation

Alertiee team wins the Outstanding Catalyst – Business Impact 2020

Alertiee team wins Catalyst Team Award for its part in ‘Digital Business Marketplace III’ initiative at Digital Transformation World Series 2020.

The ‘Digital Business Marketplace III’ initiative was announced winner of the ‘Outstanding Catalyst – Business Impact’ category in TM Forum’s 2020 Catalyst Awards in November. Alertiee team wins Catalyst Award for its part in ‘Digital Business Marketplace III’ initiative. Alertiee team had an opportunity to work with industry partners including BT, NTT, Agile Fractal Grid, Etisalat, Accenture, BearingPoint/Beyond, Digiglu, IOTA, Mvine and Intel.

Alertiee team wins Catalyst Team Award at Digital Transformation World Series 2020
Alertiee team wins Catalyst Award for its part in the ‘Digital Business Marketplace III’ initiative

The Digital Business Marketplace initiative – now entering its fourth phase – is aimed at helping to deliver Industry 4.0 by leveraging advanced technologies such as 5G communications and the Internet of Things. Part of this objective is to secure companies’ supply chains through Zero-Touch Orchestration (ZTO), Secure Device Onboarding (SDO) and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). 

To deliver Industry 4.0 and Smart X solutions (for Smart Cities, Smart Transport, Smart Entertainment, Smart Grid, etc) at scale requires cooperation by hundreds of companies who bring their own specific products, services, Apps or other specialisations. The TM Forum, which organises the annual awards, is a global alliance of over 850 companies working together to break down technology and cultural barriers between digital service providers, technology suppliers, consultancies and systems integrators.

Bringing together hundreds of physical components and services from multiple organisations, the cloud and wherever else until now has always required an SI expert army to integrate and deliver a specific solution. This bespoke integration approach will not scale, does not easily manage in-life operations, is very hard to maintain and provides hackers with an easy attack surface.

New technologies and techniques are also appearing such as Digital Twins which offer simplification to deal with and manage complexity – but these are often only designed to manage specific operating contexts and do not manage the full business lifecycle (design, deploy, operate, upgrade, etc) or industry agnostic scenarios – so potentially adding further complexity to an already complex world.

So, the need more than ever before, is to take a very different approach to enable the multiple companies, the multiple experts, new technologies, existing products, services and systems to seamlessly work together to enable the future.

The Digital Business Marketplace (DBM) has developed a digital platform which provides traditional companies, digital platform companies and hyper-scales with the capabilities to frictionless partner and securely deliver, in life manage & monetise Industry 4.0 & Smart X solutions for enterprise customers. Digital Business Marketplace III TM Forum Catalyst Preliminary Whitepaper October 2020.

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Sahand Malek