Advanced COVID compliance for indoor spaces

We all face significant challenges due to the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19. Private and public businesses, service providers, as well as society in general, must adapt to these circumstances or the consequences could be dire.

Covid compliance for indoor spaces retailers
Advanced Covid compliance for indoor spaces retailers

According to OUR PLAN TO REBUILD: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy:
“This is not a short-term crisis. It is likely that COVID-19 will circulate in the human population long-term, possibly causing periodic epidemics. In the near future, large epidemic waves cannot be excluded without continuing some measures.”

COVID-19 measures are not going to go away anytime soon. By investing in a longer-term strategy, you’ll be taking steps down the road of economic recovery.

E-book: Advanced COVID compliance for indoor spaces

In this eBook, Advanced COVID Compliance for Indoor Spacesyou can join the 77% of CEOs who are pushing for more technology use in their respective sectors, you can ensure you’re doing your best to future-proof your spaces.

  • Monitoring indoor capacity
  • Checking for mask-wearing
  • Monitoring Social Distance Compliance
  • Maintaining risk management
  • Future-proofing your space
Covid compliance retail health and safety
Monitoring indoor capacity with occupancy management and people counting system with IoT sensor and camera – Alertiee
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Sahand Malek