Bring the future of in-person customer experiences to your business today

Future of in-person customer experiences: Imagine one centralized piece of software that offers a complete package, increasing customer engagement, providing conversion rates and tracking the success of marketing campaigns – an innovation that offers an essential competitive advantage to any retail company.

Technology factsheet by Alertiee: AI, IoT and Cloud computing to boost customer experience

Advanced IoT and AI for improved retail and in-store customer experience

Due to rapid technological advancements in past years, retailers, hotels, airports and restaurants, amongst others, are now able to engage with consumers more dynamically. Interconnected hardware and software allow for constant improvements, from improved employee management to targeted promotions. Alertiee products take this to another level, with updated marketing displays, customer profiling, and heat map store analysis automatically. Alertiee’s Sense, Mind, and Pulse products are easy to use and offer valuable insights into store performance, customer engagement, and customer demographics. 

The technology of retail success

Internet of Things (IoT) in Wi-Fi-connected infrared sensors and IP cameras help collect real-time events. AI algorithms enable real-time internal and external conversion rates, valuable analytics, and evaluation of store performance in day-to-day retail operations. More informed employees mean improved employee management and faster adaptation to customers and companies’ ever-changing needs.

Digital displays and targeted marketing, when linked to sensors, cameras and analytics software, offer a more personalised and optimised approach in interacting with customers. With detailed analytics of in-store conversion rates, passing trade and store footfall, and by using product placement interactions, retailers can get a better idea of the adequacy of their current operations and product placements. With Alertiee technology, retailers can be more knowledgeable than ever about their customers’ wants and needs.

Our Smart Space technology helps your business to operate at peak efficiency, enhance customer-centric shopping experiences, and ensure that you are part of the future of retail.

M Paldauf, Alertiee

Privacy concerns

Privacy concerns are a given when it comes to the topic of customer analysis technologies, and these concerns are completely justified – no one wants to feel like a Big Brother contestant. With this in mind, the technology used, the data gathered, and the conclusions are drawn all remain completely anonymous and protected from any misuse or distortion.

Proven benefits of Alertiee technology

Alertiee will help you realise missing sales opportunities, stores’ performance based on conversion rate, and stores’ sales hotspots areas.

We support and guide you through how you best convert both inside and outside traffic opportunities by supply you with options around service risks and how to serve your existing and potential new customers best.

Alertiee will help you to provide a harmonious customer experience across your omnichannel business. Our technology enables customer experience, marketing and retail teams to close the gap between customers’ digital experience and their physical experience.

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Sahand Malek