Alertiee’s yearly evaluation of how AI and IoT are changing the retail business

The Alertiee team reflects on the blogs, ebooks, and press releases that influenced the year.

The year 2021 was unlike any other. After another year of lockdowns, working from home, and home deliveries, it is safe to assume that some shifts in consumer behaviour are here to stay.

Many shops attempted to adjust to the new norms by giving a better digital experience to their consumers while still maintaining in-store service. It was fascinating to see that when customers do venture out, they appear to avoid historically busy areas, with consumers rediscovering local and out-of-town shopping areas. 

In the last year, we’ve looked at a variety of ways AI and IoT are influencing retail. We’ve put our solution through its paces with merchants and completed a successful project with Adnams.

Our staff has grown and solidified. We also spent a significant amount of effort determining how we might benefit stores in the future. We think that our technology may assist retailers by aiding them in reducing missed sales opportunities, knowing their consumers, and understanding why their shop may not be performing as well as they would want. We accomplish this by collecting data with our sensors and informing stores via our well-designed dashboard.

In 2021, we produced 18 articles, free guidebooks, ebooks, and articles. Enjoy!

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Proven benefits of Alertiee technology

Alertiee will help you realise missing sales opportunities, stores’ performance based on conversion rate, and stores’ sales hotspots areas.

We support and guide you through how you best convert both inside and outside traffic opportunities by supplying you with options around service risks and how to serve your existing and potential new customers best.

Alertiee will help you to provide a harmonious customer experience across your omnichannel business. Our technology enables customer experience, marketing and retail teams to close the gap between customers’ digital experience and their physical experience.

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Sahand Malek