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What we do?

We set ourselves the ambitious goal of revolutionising the high street retail experience. We understand that, for many, online shopping is part of a routine, but there are those moments that we want to enjoy a walk-in store, for a more personal, tactile shopping experience. We believe our technology brings the best of what we all enjoy about physical retail stores: shopping with all of our senses, engaging with the brands we most like, and experiencing a personalised and memorable visit.

Our team

We are a close-knit team of industry experts, product designers, IoT experts, data scientists, and software engineers with a passion for making a positive impact.

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Sahand Malek
Founder, CEO
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Yasar Majib
IoT expert, Edge computing
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Marina Paldauf
Senior data scientist
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Stephanie Beaumont
DPO, Privacy counsel
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Johan Wahlström
Academic advisor, Lecturer in Data Science at University of Exeter
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Charith Perera
Academic advisor, Associate Professor in IoT at Cardiff University
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Our technology

Our Smart Space technology helps your business to operate at peak efficiency, enhance customer-centric shopping experiences, and ensure that you are part of the future of retail.

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Connected devices and sensing technologies can refine and reshape your retail stores

We are able to build a digital replica of your physical stores, which we call a digital twin, and with our IoT devices such as infrared and proximity sensors, we can tell you more about your stores and customers than any other source of information. 

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Advanced AI algorithms and video analytics provide valuable consumer insights

Our software is based on connected cameras and video analytics modules to provide valuable consumer insights. We can help you interact with your customers on a personal level, with notifications on their smartphone and automated in-store displays.

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Our edge and cloud computing expertise provides an unbeatable real-time service

Our expertise in both edge and cloud computing enables us to provide real-time services. We use a centralised cloud computing system and machine learning algorithms with on-device and on-premises edge AI computing capabilities to manage demand, provide real-time insights, offer a more latent structure, and to reduce service costs.

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Here’s why we do what we do 

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