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How Ai can help in
challenging times.

COVID 19 Solution Advice for Health & Safety Professionals

As many health and safety professionals will already know, the regulations surrounding COVID-19 are changing at a quick pace both in the UK and abroad.

With such varied strategies being employed, health and safety professionals need to be on top of these frequent changes to keep up – to the extent where businesses are now recruiting for COVID Compliance Officers and Marshals on long term contracts. 

In this eBook, COVID 19 Solution Advice for Health & Safety Professionals, we explore how these new methods have proven manageable but inefficient in the short-term. Businesses should consider the long-term implications, and where technology can offer hope, especially in the run-up to the Holiday season and expected future waves of infections.

The 5 dimensions of consideration within this eBook:

  • Cost Implications
  • End User Convenience
  • Risk Assessment & Accuracy
  • Solution and Methodology Reliability
  • Broader Business Insight