Boost and manage in-store

Boost and manage your store conversion rate

Alertiee Sense enables your retail team to reach all of your customers

Keep everyone informed. Plug and play solutions. 100% GDPR compliant. 

How can Alertiee Sense help you?

Hassle-free technology enables you to relate to your customers.

Increase your understanding of the customers

With Alertiee Sense you can track, assess, and boost in-store sales performance by evaluating in-store space and customer experiences. 


Boost conversion rate

Alertiee Sense automatically calculates the conversion rate based on the total number of visitors and transactions, providing actionable feedback to improve sales opportunities.

Act on missing sales opportunities

With our passer-by counting technology, you can evaluate each store's potential return of investment and act on those missing sales.

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Knowing your customers with IoT and AI

With Aleritee Sense you can create a digital twin of your retail shops to assess each location's footfall, busyness, conversion rate and average basket expenditure.

Tracking and footfall analytics

We use infrared sensors, depth-perception cameras, and edge computing to accurately count, collect, and store data in real-time, before processing this information in a fraction of second.

Conversion and performance analytics

With our computer vision models and video analytics modules, we are able to draw a clear view of each store performance.

Harmonise your customers’ experiences in both digital and physical spaces

We have expertise in retail space, including fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), fashion and apparel, hospitality, and retail banking.

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)

We can help you to assess each shop's performance, passer-by rates, and conversion rates to better achieve your business goals.

Fashion and apparel

We can help you to track each missing sales opportunity using peak performing times and KPIs to keep your team motivated.

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Tackle your missed opportunities to engage with customers.

Smart retail space

Build an optimal retail space and focus on the things that really matter

Enhance your ROI and growth

Keep your team informed and engaged with meaningful KPIs

Make data-driven decisions

Use our intuitive insights and details on customers’ experiences in your stores, instead of gut feelings

Quick and easy installation

Plug and play IoT and AI solutions with non-invasive fittings and design


24/7 technical support system
Seamless integrations
Security by design
UK & EU data centers
Instant alerts and update
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Boost your retail store performance

  • State of the art hardware
  • Advanced AI and machine learning technology
  • Use your sales data for detailed metrics

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Alertiee technology helps your business to increase conversion rates, customer flow, and helps your retail branch to achieve operational excellence.