Boost and manage in-store

Boost and manage in-store average expenditure

Alertiee Mind empowers your retail team to offer what customers want

Keep everyone informed. Plug and play solutions. 100% GDPR compliant. 

How can Alertiee Mind help you?

Transform the way you measure the success of your stores

Increase in-store sales opportunities

Provide a unique shopping experience tailored to your customer with live AI analytics.

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Dynamic signage for targeted marketing based on customer attributes

Display the most relevant promotions and offers to individual customers based on key demographics and attributes, then track the success of your campaigns.

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Age verification to know your audience

Our AI age classifier provides real-time analytics of each customer’s age bracket, enabling a customised shopping experience.

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Achieve your sales potentials with IoT and AI technologies

We use infrared sensors and depth-perception cameras to provide you with detailed visitor analytics and attributes.

AI-enabled edge video analytics

Gain insight into customer attributes such as age, gender, and attention with AI modelling. It even works for customers who are wearing a face mask.

Truly data-driven spaces with Alertiee Mind

Alertiee Mind is a sophisticated software layer that connects to multiple IoT devices and cameras in your stores or venue to provide detailed customer, staff and visitor metrics such as customer attributes, check-out times, queuing, customer parkour, venue safety and many more, all whilst automatically managing and adjusting signage displays and other IoT devices.

Harmonise your customers’ experiences in both digital and physical spaces

We have expertise in retail space including fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), fashion and apparel, hospitality, and retail banking.

Fashion and apparel

We can help you to understand your customers’ shopping behaviours, attention span, and personal attributes, so you can make informed decisions about your product displays.


We can help you to spark customer interest with targeted displays and signage, which are automatically adjusted based on our AI customer attribute models.

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Tackle your missed sales opportunities with Alertiee

Detect customer profiles in real-time

Improve your retail processes with real-time analytics

Spark customers’ interest with targeted automatic display updates

Connect to your customer on a personal level with tailored displays

Track the performance of your marketing campaigns

Make instant marketing adjustments according to the success of your campaigns

Quick and easy installation

Out-of-the box, self-service technology
with non-invasive fittings and design


24/7 technical support system
Seamless integrations
Security by design
UK & EU data centers
Instant alerts and update
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Boost customer engagement

  • Real-time customer profiling
  • Automatic targeted display updates
  • Marketing campaign performance tracking

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Alertiee technology helps your business to increase conversion rates, customer flow, and helps your retail branch to achieve operational excellence.