Reopening safer

AI-powered technology to monitor and optimise occupancy levels from £38 per month.

Keep everyone informed. Plug and play solutions. 100% GDPR compliant. 

Optimise your occupancy and stay risk compliant

Automate your occupancy monitoring

Focus on the things that matter: let Alertiee
manage the rest for you

Build your people confidence

Stay on top of government guidelines and let visitors know when its safe to enter your premises

Plan your growth with granular insights

Keep your staff and customers informed and safe with automated notifications, and an easy-to-use dashboard for performance and footfall tracking

Quick and easy installation

Out-of-the box, self-service technology
with non-invasive fittings and design

Compliance tools to help you refocus on business

Meet your new
AI door marshal

No more door watching. Place the emphasis on increasing your revenue by automating safe and sustainable foot traffic.

  • Keep your premises open 
  • Monitor the pulse of your business with accurate entry sensors 
  • Feature-proof your business at affordable price
  • LED display 
  • Wi-fi door sensors 
  • Configurable alerts 
  • Analytics portal

People counting sensor with display
Camera based social distancing, one way system adherence and mask wearing compliance system

Your compliance supercharged with AI

Level-up your CCTV with Alertiee Sphere: an-easy-to-implement computer vision and video analytics tool to automate a cascade of compliance measures. For example: wearing PPE - mask wearing - monitoring, social distancing score, footfall metrics.

Alertiee Sphere

  • Empower your premises with real-time data 
  • Monitor your preventive measures with video analytics 
  • Easily integrate into your VMS setup
  • Your camera or ours 
  • Feature rich portal 
  • Notification system
  • Safety score, Social distancing score, PPE score, and Customer experience score. 

Sensor based and Camera based marketing and display tracking system compliance system

Truly data driven spaces
With Alertiee Mind

Alertiee Mind is a sophisticated software layer that connects to multiple CCTV cameras in your stores or venue to give you detailed customer, staff or visitors metrics like check-out times, queuing, customer parkour, venue safety and many more custom features.

Alertiee Mind
  • Understand data trends on a location-specific basis 
  • Make better location management decisions based on meaningful insights 
  • Monitor people safety in real-time

  • AI helper 
  • No touch check-in and check-out
  • Real-time stock monitoring 
  • Advance aisle safety 
  • Powerful analytics dashboard

Choose your sophisticated risk, safety and compliance companion

Alertiee Sense ➝ Starts from

  • Infrared Sensor
  • SMS alerts
  • Configurable notifications (optional)
  • Traffic system display (optional)
  • Analytics dashboard (optional)
  • 3, 6, or 9 months contract

Alertiee Sphere ➝ Starts from

  • Your cameras or ours
  • SMS alerts
  • Mask wearing compliance
  • Social distancing adherence
  • One way system monitoring
  • Configurable notifications
  • Feature-rich analytics portal

Alertiee Mind ➝ Starts from

  • Your cameras and our Alertiee Mind
  • AI-video analytics
  • Compliance analytics
  • Behavioural analytics
  • Safety analytics
  • Security analytics
  • Powerful customised AI portal
  • Training and support

*Price excluding VAT. 30-day-money-back-guarantee from date of delivery. Further conditions apply.

24/7 technical support system
Seamless integrations
Security by design
UK & EU data centers
Instant alerts and update

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Sensor based and Camera based marketing and display tracking system compliance system

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